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Cloud Infrastructure

Highly reliable network infrastructure


Control and Analytics
units for the devices


End nodes deployed on field

Kids Shoes in Cupboard

High Performance, High Availability and Low Latency

Secure and Scalable

Deployed across geographies

Rapid deployment with zero R&D

Faster than blink of an eye

Managed platform as a service

Lay back, relax while we manage and maintain everything for you


Self-hosted ecosystem

Enterprises can choose to deploy the components on their on-premise or remote infrastructure.
Suitable for teams with in-house development giving them greater control.

Cloud Services

Plugins for each feature which hooks up with the SDK on the devices out of the box. Developers even get an option to add custom features on top and then deploy within their existing infrastructure.

Development Kits which help teams design connectivity and front end of their apps or desktop quickly and customize as per their needs.

Client Side SDK's

Device SDK's

Firmware kits which help the teams cherry pick features and flows out of the default set and add customizations on top.
These SDK help developers built cloud connected devices with minimal time and effort.

Image by Tyler Casey
Image by Tony Shen

Manage your device fleet.

Analyze your devices, understand the performance and strategize improvements based on the feedback.
Could be a major factor in helping you improve your business metrics.


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